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All my fanfics

Title: Keep Breathing
PG (wow, props to me meng)
Author Note:
Inspired by this song Ingrid Michealson- Keep Breathing Listen to it, otherwise you might not understand this.
It's all bullmodashit

All we can do is keep breathing )

Title: Feel
Author: Amanda
Rating: PG (oh my another PG one?)
Pairing: Yoonhyun (minor though)
Author Note: Inspired by my piano teacher.
Disclaimer: This is loads of bullcrap.

Finding out what this hole means is addicting to her )

Title: I want to dream with you forever
Author: Amanda
Rating: PG (wotwot, not rated R or pg 17?)
Pairing: Taengsic (Taeyeon x Jessica)
Author Note: Since it's still Taeyeon's birthday in my time zone, Happy birthday Taeyeon-shi <3 also this fic is inspired by the song
Angela Aki - Tegami  . I suggest you listen to it and read the lyrics in the box.
Disclaimer: Whatever is written by me is bullcrap

Hey you, who's reading this letter )

Title:  I've Got A Crush On A YouTube Star
Genre: Fluffy AU one-shot
Pairing: TaengSic
Rating: PG
Author: Amanda
Author Note: I strongly suggest to listen to this song when you read this crappy thing.
For the lovely twinnie Tobi as an apology fic for not making Taeny, also because Taengsic is our OTP
Just with a simple hello in the beginning of the video you are blown away, it's ridiculous. )

Title: Cette nana a un joli cul
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Jessica x Hara (yes you thought about it too) and some surprise JeTi
Warnings: Beware of dirtyness
Author: Amanda / robin_20 (yes, same person ROFL)

Author's crap: Ohai thar, Some credits too Tobi, who wrote the first paragraph 8) ur a genius meng. Fic inspired by this picture SICAHARABUTTGRAB look at that and dare tell me you haven't thought of this. Enjoy~


"Are your legs tired, because you've been running through my mind all day long." )

: 1 2 step please
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: SooRiSic...Umma?
Warnings: Yulgasms and Sicagasms
Authors: Amanda + Tobi  (collab)


"Ohoho you have no shorts underneath this dress huh? You dirty slut..” )

Title : Sweet Victory
Beta : Tobi <3
Rated : NC-17[info]
Genre : Smut
Pairing : JeTi (Jessica/Tiffany)
Summary : Jessica tries to get Tiffany to pay more attention to her, and it turns out better then expected
Warning : this is smut/sexin yo, as in real smut. If you can't take it, don't read it. You have been warned

Author note : This is my first smut ever(so be gentle pl0x), and I wrote it for my good friend Tobi. He helped me alot with this , thank you Tobi <3

That skirt you are wearing right now could make hundreds of people faint, hell, if you weren't my best friend, I would've raped you by now )

Title: Four times you hated her for taking your breath and one time you didn't.
Pairing : YulSic (Yuri x Jessica)
Rating : PG
Note: so not real (I wish it was)
Author: Amanda
Author note: This is for you Unnie <3 Happy birthday I wish you all the best
Also Thank you so much Tobi for beta-ing and helping me out always <3

Breathing was your anchor, the thing you could always depend on. )

Title: Simply Irresistable
Rating : NC-17
Pairing : TaengSic
Author: Amanda
Author note: So err, after the Oh! mv with the scene where everybody touches Sica I got this idea. Shoot me please, but enjoy nonetheless

She wondered how they would feel under her fingers. )

Title: Fantasy Love
Genre: Angst I guess?
Rating: Rated R
Pairing: YoonTae
Lenght: Drabble-ish? lol
Author Note: So this is a small request by Tobi and I was quick with it. It's my first real angst and err, I think it kinda sucks balls but Imma post it on anyways. And remember, comments are love~


You'd like the world to be like your fantasy )